Health & Safety

The following are principles and responsibilities related to the health and safety rules and regulations in which Highmark Oilfield Services Ltd. holds as a standard for all employees and subcontractors active within the company.

Highmark has designed and implemented health and safety policies, procedures, and programs to meet or exceed industry standards as well as legislated requirements. All levels of our management team support and apply these requirements in our daily activities and plays a vital role in program development.

Performances matrix and targets are established for our key performance indicators and the performance relative to these targets are reported to the company’s management on a routine basis. We will continue to monitor compliance through regulated audits, frequent in field tours and inspections. Information from these fact-finding examinations are reviewed and discussed during our monthly safety meetings.

Highmark management clearly sets expectations and strives to set the standard for safety; ensuring that all employees and subcontractors are adequately trained and competent to perform their job in a safe and efficient method. Supervisors at all levels are responsible to continuously promote, reinforce and monitor workers compliance with our health and safety program requirements as well as legislative requirements.

Compliance with Highmark’s safety policies, procedures and applicable regulations is the responsibility of all employees, subcontractors, senior management, and is a condition of employment.

We continue to develop and maintain effective means of communication throughout all levels of the company with the utilization of a cutting-edge Digital Action Tracking System allowing for faster reaction to worker concerns and houses a forward-thinking preventative maintenance program.  This system also tracks and analyzes all hazards, near misses and ensures incidents are immediately reported and investigated in a quick and efficient manner that facilitates further communication of their findings to our workforce and clients.